Walnut Bread.

Our Range

We first opened for business in 2011. Here are a few examples of our popular specialist breads, patisserie and quiches.

Walnut Bread – contains 10% walnuts.

 Cheese Bread – made from Grandsiecle flour,  strong cheddar  Cheese, with carmalised onions.



Barm Bread –  contains wheat flour, sunflower seeds, rye flour, brown and yellow flax seeds, oatmeal barley and malted flour, wheat gluten, barley malt, pumpkin seeds.

 Sour Dough Bread – traditional sour dough proved for 48 hours.

Pakenham Wholemeal – made using the stone-ground wholemeal flour, produced from the Pakenham Water Mill.

Spelt Bread – made from 100% spelt flour.

chocolate croissant

chocolate croissant

Barm Bread.

Seasonal quiches (large and small).